Stay Tuned for Fall Events

Stay tuned to the museum’s fall line-up of events including lectures and readings by, Authors Richard Mackie, Paula Wild and Tom Peek. As well, we’ll be rolling into fall with exciting events such as reptile day, the elasmosaur’s birthday and a Halloween celebration. Link to our coming events calendar for more details.

Gift Shop News – August 2013

These just in… fun items just for kids! “Eggs” that crack open and a toy baby dinosaur pops out, stretchy dinosaurs, T-Rex wrist pets and glow in the dark dinosaurs that stick to ceilings and walls. New stuffies have also arrived and they include hummingbirds, moose, otters, orcas and our favourite dinosaurs.

We carry a variety of items that are made in Canada, such as t-towels, oven mitts, pot holders, aprons and mugs. There are some wonderful First Nations bear, salmon and moose themed items in stock.

Remember if you have a museum membership you will receive 15% off on all non-consignment items.

Before Television: Mystery Objects


What Happens When We Turn off the Remote

Unique cigarette holders? Medieval tools of torture?

No, just an example of a woman’s beauty supplies from the mid-20th Century – metal hair curlers.

These curlers are in the wire clasp style and would be used when doing a “wet set”. Although not pictured here, the curlers came in every size from “midget” known for grabbing onto those pesky short hairs at the neck nape, to “giant” which would have been used for fashionable rolls and puffs.

Stuffed Stuff: Elasmo Stuffies

elasmo stuffies2

The Courtenay and District Museum is well known for many things: terrific science camps, fossil tours, eye opening exhibits, and a great archival collection. But there is one feature in particular that tends to take centre stage: the Elasmosaur.

So it probably comes as no surprise that there would be some sort of squishy and huggable replica sold at the gift shop. Hand crafted with love, museum staff have collaborated to create completely unique plush Elasmosaurs for you to buy and enjoy. Just $16 each (plus taxes) and you’ve got your very own souvenir!