Before Television – Chalk Hem Marker


What Happens When We Turn off the Remote

“Before Television” has been a newsletter feature that shares the Courtenay and District Museum collection with readers while at the same time highlighting the ingenuity and creativity of people as they added beauty and personal style to items from their home and work life.

This month’s installment is an old-school style chalk hem marker. The idea was for the home sewer to mark hems without needing an assistant. Put on the item of clothing to be cropped, adjust the marker height and a few squeezes of the bulb would send puffs of chalk powder out to signify the hemline.

NIC Pro Photo Show and Reception

Photo by Lia Sommer

Friday, June 6th from 7 – 9 pm

On Friday, June 6th from 7 – 9 pm, join North Island College’s Professional Photography students at the Courtenay and District Museum for the opening of the programme’s 17th showing of student work. The event marks the fifth collaboration between the museum and the photography programme by utilizing the museum’s second floor gallery.

Amanda Dostie, Lorenz Jimenez, Megan Lawrence, Kendal McLellan, Milena Russell, Lia Sommer and Emily Walsh will display personal favourites as well as images created for their final portfolio review.

The students’ reasons for choosing photography as a career vary as widely as the regions of Canada from which they come. All, however, have been captivated by the visual expression and challenges of a medium that continues to evolve and influence our lives.

The NIC Pro Photo Show will be on exhibit until late afternoon of June 14.