Periodical Wisdom: April 2019

April is national oral health month so in the spirit of staying behind the times we present “Care of Baby’s Teeth” from the December 1917 edition of The Christmas Peoples Home Journal.

All kinds of helpful hints, recipes and practical “how-to” advice can all be found in periodical magazines from our archival collection.

Merville – 100 Years and Counting Bonus Poem

To the Builders of Merville Community Hall.

“They who dig a deep foundation,
Make a house both strong and sure.
They who toil with faith and patience
Long shall see their work endure.

He who gives that all may profit,
Nor spares what to him the cost,
Gives himself, and all shall bless him,
No true effort shall be lost.

Where the forest once existed
Ere the cedar and the pine.
Fell before the eager woodsmen,
Stands a building broad and fine.

Built by hearts and hands that love it,
Wrought for their community.
May the efforts of their labour
Bring joy through the years to be.

Here the children all shall gather.
Here the dance and music gay,
Ring through many nights of gladness,
And those passing by shall say

“There’s a fine united effort,
‘Tis a wonderful new hall,
And the dream that saw fulfilment
Is a credit to them all.”

–Gladys N. King
As appeared in the Argus newspaper of May 27, 1954.

Merville – 100 Years and Counting Part 4

Every community worth its salt needs a special gathering place. Merville got theirs with the official opening of the Community Hall on Saturday, May 22, 1954.

Described in the Argus newspaper as having a grey, gaunt exterior but a light decorated interior, the 42 x 98 foot hall was built with volunteer labour.

Jim Mathers chaired the grand opening celebration and reminisced on how meetings were first held in the school and then later in a dance hall built by Louis Biss.

Here is the Comox District Free Press article of May 26, 1954:

April 2019 Gift Shop News

One of the newest items to hit our shelves are fun and fabulous tea towels! Decorated with animal designs by Charlotte Nicolin, they are made of 100% cotton and retail for $14.95 per towel.

Designs available include hedgehogs, rabbits, birds, cows, moose and Canada geese. These towels have been such a hit that a second order has already been required. And (wait for it…) matching mugs are also on their way.

These items would make a great housewarming gift or a treat for your own home.

BCHF Conference

The BC Historical Federation is holding its annual conference in the Comox Valley from June 6-9, 2019.

A roster of presentations and field trips is now available online and open to all.

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The British Columbia Historical Federation encourages interest in the history of British Columbia through research, presentation, and support.

Lecture: Don’t Never Tell Nobody Nothin’ No How

Time and Date: 7 pm, Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Location: Rotary Gallery of the Courtenay and District Museum

Speaker: Rick James

Tickets: $5 for Historical Society members; $6 for general public (plus GST). Advance tickets strongly recommended as lectures frequently sell out. Tickets can be purchased over the phone by calling 250-334-0686 ext 2.

The real story of West Coast rum running presented with a bit of a twist.

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March 2019 Watershed Moments

Here is the latest newsletter installment of an image from the museum’s award-winning book Watershed Moments – A Pictorial History of Courtenay and District.

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Photo credit: CDM Sillence Collection. Page 147.

Photo caption: View of the empty corner lot of 5th Street and England Avenue, 1940, that would soon boast the E.W. Bickle Theatre. Charles Sillence photograph.