These Winter Nights

Have you been feeling the chill this winter? Perhaps you'll enjoy the following unsigned piece that appeared in the February 1949 edition of the Courtenay High School publication "Shreds & Patches".

"Darkness has fallen over Courtenay and a familiar scene is taking place in most houses. A thin white form stands beside a bed.

Don't be worried it's just a school boy in long-johns going to bed. He stands there for a moment, then it hits him, a blast of cold, frosty air, (someone opened a window). There is a mad dash for the "warm" bed. "YIPE!!" it isn't as warm as he thought. As he drops off into a clammy dreamland, the lights go out all over town.

Morning comes bright and early, with the birds singing..(whoops) I forgot it's winter. The young fellow, who now is quite warm in his nest of blankets, remembers his beloved school and leaps out of bed. BANG! His feet hit the floor and it takes him a full minute to get them unfrozen from the linoleum. He puts on his clothes after thawing them out with four or five matches and marches stiffly to breakfast, as many others are doing all over the city, while a frost crusted morning thaws on the horizon."