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    Fossil Tours

    There's still time to get in on the summer action with our public tours.

    Click here to find out more about how you can be part of this adventure.


    Raising the Capes Roof Crowdfunding Gaining Traction

    The Raising the Capes Roof crowdfunding is moving along quickly thanks to generous donors who have taken the amount from $20 to over $1,800 in the last month. The museum aims to raise $5,000 towards a new roof and will match this amount with other fundraising dollars. Katherine Capes donated the historic Capes home to the museum in the late 1990s Thank you to everyone for your ongoing and generous support!

    Click Here to Donate


    Leung's Heritage Mural Project

    If you're in the mood for crowdfunding and improving community heritage, the CDM staff and board, along with the Capes project, also want to give a shout out to the Leung's Heritage Mural supported by the DCBIA. Make it a twofer and support both projects!


    Photo of the Month

    CDM #989.96.12
    Comox Glacier, c. 1905

    You can view more photos like this on our website. Click here to visit our holdings.


    It's All There in Black and White

    Internationally known actor, writer and producer Kim Cattrall celebrates her 60th birthday on August 21st. The Comox District Free Press was following the career of this home town girl from way back as evidenced by this forty-year-old excerpt from the August 20, 1976 edition of the paper.

    Read this newspaper article from our archives

    With legacy support from the Bickle Family and the Comox Valley Echo.


    Your Membership Makes A Difference

    Purchasing a membership to the Courtenay and District Museum, now in its 55th year, supports heritage preservation in the Comox Valley through special events, lectures, education programmes, research and exhibitions. Your membership benefits these award winning programmes on a year round basis and we appreciate it!

    Becoming a member provides you with discounts in the gift shop and on lectures and an opportunity to support one of the most active regional museums in British Columbia. Thank you for your support.

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    Watershed Moments

    Here now is an image and quote from the museum's award-winning book Watershed Moments - A Pictorial History of Courtenay and District.

    Photo credit: CDM 986.15.17

    Photo caption: Amidst the wreckage of the 1920 railway explosion. Page 101.

    "On August 18, 1920, however, after pulling a train of fifteen loaded cars up a steady slope, #4 Engine stalled. The crew of #3 Engine came to the rescue and pulled the loaded train to a level spot. As soon as #3 uncoupled and pulled away, #4's boiler exploded, sending large pieces of boilerplate into the air before landing 120 feet from the wheels. (A later investigation revealed that low water in the boiler caused the explosion.)" Page 101.

    Click Here for a Larger Version


    Museum Funding

    The Courtenay and District Historical Society was registered as a nonprofit society in 1961 to preserve and interpret cultural and natural heritage of the Comox Valley. It has functioned as an independent society since that time. Funds are derived from the generous support of the City of Courtenay, British Columbia Arts Council, Comox Valley Regional District, British Columbia Gaming Branch, and from museum generated revenues and donations.

    Proud sponsors of the Courtenay & District Museum:

    The City of Courtenay

    BC Arts Councils

    Regional District Comox-Strathcona