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    Public Fossil Tours

    Have you seen a fossil before? If you've visited the Courtenay and District Museum you have!

    But have you unearthed a fossil on your own? If not, join us on a fossil tour where you can discover firsthand the joys of fossil collecting in the beautiful Comox Valley.

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    It's All There in Black and White

    Now there was a innovative use for Lewis bingo! Loretta Favero (later Loretta Briggs) won a brand new Austin Healey sports convertible as seen in this August 6, 1958 edition of the Comox District Free Press.

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    With legacy support from the Bickle Family and the Comox Valley Echo.


    Periodical Wisdom

    Looking for some amusing "unplugged" activities to play while camping or hosting a summer picnic? Try these party suggestions from The Nor'-West Farmer of December 21, 1931.

    Helpful hints, recipes and practical "how-to" advice can all be found in periodical magazines from our archival collection.

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    Watershed Moments

    Here is the latest newsletter installment of an image from the museum's award-winning book Watershed Moments - A Pictorial History of Courtenay and District.

    Photo credit: These sheds in Lewis Park, 1930s, were used during agricultural fairs. Charles Sillence photograph. Photo: CDM Sillence Collection. Page 157.

    Photo: "People anticipated plays, musicals and fairs for months in advance and attended from all around the district. Fun was, and still is, a big word in the valley's vocabulary." Page 121.

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    Your Membership and Donations Make A Difference

    Purchasing a membership to the Courtenay and District Museum, now in its 58th year, supports heritage preservation in the Comox Valley through special events, lectures, education programmes, research and exhibitions. Your membership benefits these award winning programmes on a year round basis and we appreciate it!

    Becoming a member provides you with discounts in the gift shop and on lectures and an opportunity to support one of the most active regional museums in British Columbia. Thank you for your support.

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    Photo of the Month

    CDM #p55-301
    First Agricultural Exhibition in Comox Valley, 1893

    You can view more photos like this on our website. Click here to visit our holdings.


    Merville - 100 Years and Counting

    Yet another fire was in the cards for Merville. The community had been devastated by the 1922 fire, but was hit again in 1930 with the loss of their general store.

    Read the article from the Comox District Free Press of July 22, 1930.

    Bonus photo: artifact from the original Saunders Supply Co., click here.


    Exhibit: Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises
    On now at the Royal BC Museum

    Don't forget to check out this new exhibit if you're heading down to the capital.

    The multi-sensory feature exhibition spotlights the mystery, legacy and resilience of one of the world's greatest civilizations-the Maya of Central America-and has earned rave reviews for its rarely seen artifacts and family-friendly interactives.

    Maya: The Great Jaguar Rises will be on view until December 31, 2019.

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    Museum Funding

    The Courtenay and District Historical Society was registered as a nonprofit society in 1961 to preserve and interpret cultural and natural heritage of the Comox Valley. It has functioned as an independent society since that time. Funds are derived from the generous support of the City of Courtenay, British Columbia Arts Council, Comox Valley Regional District, British Columbia Gaming Branch, and from museum generated revenues and donations.

    Proud sponsors of the Courtenay & District Museum:

    The City of Courtenay

    BC Arts Councils

    Regional District Comox-Strathcona

    British Columbia Gaming Commision

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