Mystery in the Rocks 2014

Summer Discovery Camp Series



Ever wonder what rocks would say if they could talk? At the Courtenay and District Museum and Palaeontology Centre this summer we will be uncovering some of the stories from fossils found in the Comox Valley. We will unearth the mystery of the Cretaceous Period and then jump foreword in time to explore the different ways dinosaurs and marine animals moved and ate. Come and join us at the Courtenay Museum as we explore the past through fun, hands-on activities that excite the mind and inspire curiosity.


July 8-10, 29-31 and August 19-21 Ages: 6-8 from 9am-12pm “Happy Feet”

Where would we be without our feet? Walking, swimming, running, and perching are just a few of the things animal feet do. We’ll explore the different ways dinosaurs walked and what we can learn from studying their fossilized footprints. Exploring footprints through hands-on activities and real life fossils, students will end with a look at the different ways humans on the Island have gotten around and what’s been on their feet.

July 8-10, 29-31 and August 19-21 Ages: 9-12 from 1pm-4pm “Science I.D”

Everyone likes solving a mystery! In this programme, students will discover how paleontologists use clues from the past to lean about ancient life. Through a variety of challenges and activities, they’ll use their detective skills to identify the different time periods fossils came from and how the different creatures survived and lived.

July 15-17 and August 5-7 Ages: 6-8 from 9am-12pm “Snacks and Attacks”

Everybody needs to eat. Climb your way up the food chain as we figure out who eats what. Real museum specimens will be our guides to what ancient animals ate. As we examine fossils and bones we will piece together the mystery of who ate who or what.

July 15-17 and August 5-7 Ages: 9-12 from 1pm-4pm “The World of Fossils”

What was the world like in and around Vancouver Island when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the Elasmosaur swam the ocean? Students will observe fossilized animals and plants to re-create what life was like 60-80 million years ago.

July 22-24 and August 12-14 Ages: 6-8 from 9am-12pm “Fossils: Clues from the Past”

What can we learn from fossils? What do they tell us about past life? Learn how fossil plants and animals reveal clues to the past and explore how life has changed over time in this hands-on, interactive program.

July 22-24 and August 12-14 Ages:9-12 from 1pm-4pm “Cretaceous Crime Scene”

Challenge students’ investigative skills to uncover forensic clues in a paleontological mystery. As they pursue leads like scarred bone and shell, footprints and trace evidence, students learn how palaeontologists and geologists use scientific evidence to reconstruct the past.

*All camps are $75 plus tax for three days (pre-payment required). Price includes a 10% family discount on a Fossil Tour through the Museum.
**Museum members get a 15% discount.

For more information please call the Courtenay and District Museum: 250-334-0686