What Happens When We Turn off the Remote

The theme for BC’s 2014 Heritage Week (February 17-23) is “Heritage Afloat”. In that spirit we present a Union Steamship Estates creamer from our collection.

The Union Steamship Company was founded in Vancouver in 1889. Its passenger and cargo ships were well known along the BC coast. The company expanded into excursion ships carrying holiday makers from Vancouver to Bowen Island. In the 1920s passengers might choose to take such an excursion as a moonlight cruise on Wednesday or Saturday nights where they could dance on board the Lady Alexandra’s deck.

When a hotel and other resort properties were built on Bowen Island in the 1920s a subsidiary company, Union Steamship Estates Ltd., was set up. Thus the logo on the creamer. By the early 1960s the company’s foray into the resort business was ending and buildings were being torn down.