From The Cumberland Islander Saturday, April 12, 1913

“Courtenay is on the boom, active business has commenced and the main street is now lined with building material. The Builders’ Supply Company have commenced to erect a large addition to their warehouse. O.H. Fechner, proprietor of the Riverside Hotel, is also doubling the size of his hotel and when completed it will be the most modern house on the north end of the Island. The foundation for C.H. Tarbell’s hardware store is nearing completion, with several other buildings in course of erection. The C.P.R. have their road graded into Courtenay.”

Stubbs 41

Stubbs Collection at CDM

In the left foreground is the Riverside Hotel during its 1913 renovation. The hotel was built in 1889 or 1890 by John Grant. It was destroyed by fire January 2, 1968. The Fountain Plaza in front of the Sid Williams Theatre now occupies that space.