This lovely image is from a scrapbook donated to the archives over 45 years ago. Inscribed inside the front cover are the words “Minnie Berkeley” and “from Mamma, Xmas 1894.” Minnie filled the pages with pressed flowers, calling cards and inspirational messages.

Minnie Rose Berkeley was born in Sandwick April 28, 1880. She was the daughter of John and Agnes Berkeley. John was one of the first loggers in the district and provincial road superintendent. Minnie married George Swan in 1904. Together they had a family of six children: Madeline, Lloyd, Reggie, Billy, Murray and Norman. Minnie died in December of 1936. Her obituary in the Comox Argus spoke of her in glowing terms. “Mrs. Swan was a very active member of the Ladies’ Aid of the United Church, and was prominent in social and community effort…She was an indefatigable correspondent for the Argus at Grantham, and took a keen interest in the work…Her loss will be…felt all through the district..”.