The Comox Valley elasmosaur, discovered by Mike Trask in 1988 and housed in the Courtenay Museum, will be featured in the 2016 Dinos of Canada stamp series, which will be available in the last week of May. Canada Post sent out a press release the first week of April stating that they would also be placing a “cancel” on the Official First Day Cover (a collectors’ item — some 10,000 printed) with “Courtenay, BC” printed on them. The complete series includes: Cypretherium coarctatum (SK), Acrotholous (AB), Atrociraptor marshalli (AB), Bathygnathus borealis (PEI) and the Comox Valley elasmosaur.

Canada Post worked with experts in the field from the Canadian Museum of Nature to select dinosaurs that have been discovered in Canada. Canada Post went on to say, “As with most stamp sets, we also try to select dinos that would make the most stunning and interesting images and represent as many different regions of Canada as possible.”