Recognizing books that make significant contributions to the historical literature of British Columbia

The British Columbia Historical Federation (BCHF) announced the winners for the 2020 Lieutenant Governor’s Historical Writing Awards on Saturday, June 5 at the online BCHF 2021 conference. Congratulations to all.

1st prize, $2,500. Chinatown Through a Wide Lens: The Hidden Photographs of Yucho Chow by Catherine Clement (Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia).

2nd prize, $1,500. Step into Wilderness – A Pictorial History of Outdoor Exploration in and around the Comox Valley by Deborah Griffiths, Christine Dickinson, Judy Hagen, Catherine Siba (Harbour Publishing).

3rd prize, $500. A Great Revolutionary Wave: Women and the Vote in British Columbia by Lara Campbell (UBC Press).

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