World Rivers Day

September 24, 2023

Taking place on the fourth Sunday of September, World Rivers Day is the global extension of BC Rivers Day, which was founded in the early eighties by BC resident Marc Angelo. What originally began as a way to highlight the importance of the rivers of Western Canada has since expanded into a large event spanning continents.

Through community led programs and volunteering, World Rivers Day brings attention to the beauty of rivers, as well as the dangers that threaten them. Pollution and climate change are major factors in the degradation of rivers, but we can do something about it. By educating ourselves, participating in cleanups and donating to environmental causes, we can protect our waterways and the ecosystems that rely on them.

In our local community, rivers are major contributors to our stunning parks and forests. The Puntledge, Tsolum, and Courtenay rivers provide habitat for birds, insects, fish and other water dwelling creatures. Of particular importance are the salmon who use the rivers and creeks as spawning beds. Their journeys feed bears, seals, herons, eagles and many other animals. Without rivers, we wouldn’t have fishing, tubing, or swimming; to celebrate World Rivers Day, take some time to acknowledge their importance! Learn more and get involved here.