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As this image from the mid-1920s shows, people went hog wild with party decorations before television!

The scan is from a glass plate negative in the museum’s collection and it certainly highlights the decorators’ creativity in using items that were probably both store bought and homemade. Exact location of the get-together is unknown – only that it was somewhere on south-central Vancouver Island.

According to the Comox Argus of 1925, the Comox Valley was partying for Halloween around that time, too.

The Union Bay CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training) hosted a party at the school hall whose “costumes and decorations were in keeping with the season. Refreshments were served in the “serviette and toothpick” style”.

Courtenay had several children’s parties and the paper noted that this “would take a good many of the youngsters off the streets. Gates were found on telephone poles and other unaccustomed places and signs were misplaced but otherwise the night was peaceful enough”.