Throughout this year, the museum newsletter will be providing glimpses into the back story on the City’s Incorporation, history and development.

Bumpy sidewalks

When did Courtenay first adopt its “cobblestone” sidewalks?

According to the Comox District Free Press of March 12, 1980, the first section went in along the east side of Cliffe Avenue near the 5th Street intersection that spring. (Psst. For long-timers that’s in front of the demolished Bank of Commerce building).

City works chief Stan Janzen went on to say that “similar sidewalks are being planned for Fifth St. as part of a proposed downtown refurbishment scheme. Installing the blocks at the corner, he said, gave merchants and residents a chance to see what they look like. So far, he said, there haven’t been any negative comments.

The new sidewalks also gave city works staff the chance to experiment with the technique involved before having to tackle the major project of replacing the Fifth St. sidewalks.”