Throughout this year, the museum newsletter will be providing glimpses into the back story on the City’s Incorporation, history and development.

Finished at Last!

Downtown Courtenay’s singular heritage building, the Native Sons Hall, opened on August 17, 1928 with a special dance and celebration. It opened, but was not completed for another two years.

“Native Sons’ Hall, Is Finished

The Native Sons’ Hall has been completed according to the original design and the improvement is most marked. Owing to lack of funds to finish the outside, scaffolding was long left up on Courtenay’s unique building. But it is now down. The ends of the nine 72 feet fir logs that support the roof are now exposed and they look very fine. Each of these logs weighs four and a half tons.

At the back a balcony has been built overlooking the Courtenay River and commanding a fine view of the vale. The railing is of fir posts and rustic finish and the balcony itself is of concrete. It is 96 feet long by 16 feet wide.

A concrete sidewalk has now been laid in front of the hall. The hall is said to be unique in its kind: There is no building made of such massive logs.”

Comox Argus, July 31, 1930