Throughout this year, the museum newsletter will be providing glimpses into the back story on the City’s Incorporation, history and development.

Give a Hoot! Don’t Pollute!

A call out to property owners to keep things neat and tidy in pre-incorporated Courtenay:

“It does not give newcomers a favourable impression to see beside the main street and in the very heart of the town vacant lots which consist of half-burned logs, empty oil cans and every conceivable kind of rubbish.

If individual owners have not sufficient enterprise to clean up their own lots, then whatever public body has most influence in Courtenay should see to it that the stranger walking up the main street should be offended by no such eyesores as these rubbish heaps wedged in between up-to-date and prosperous looking stores.”

From: How Courtenay Strikes a Newcomer, The Courtenay Review newspaper, March 27, 1913.