Education Programmes


Early Settlement

This is an interactive programme showing the changes in family life brought about by new technology and exploring some of the early history of the Comox Valley. Clothing, tools,food, education, housekeeping and entertainment, past and present, are discussed and examined through many hands-on experiences, including the opportunity for students to churn butter!

This is an hour and a half long programme which includes a slide show introduction to Comox Valley history a tour of the exhibits and an interactive session with artifacts and a try at butter making.

The fee is $75.00 per class.

Courtenay Riverway Walk

Did you know that the Courtenay Riverway Walk is one of the longest Riverway walks in British Columbia? Bring your class to experience Courtenay’s rich heritage! Find out more about this programme that explores the social and natural history of the Courtenay River.

Cost per class is $120.

Fossil A

This is our popular introductory programme about prehistoric life in the Comox Valley. Your experience begins with an interactive discussion and presentation. In addition to learning about the formation of Vancouver Island, students will discover that the area, rich in 80 million year old marine fossils, was once submerged beneath a tropical sea.Students will then tour the palaeontology exhibits or have the opportunity to study fossil specimens up-close.

Fossil B

This is the most popular feature of the museum’s fossil programmes. Students are taken to the Puntldege River where they will have the opportunity to explore an 80M year old sea floor! After a brief discussion on what to look for, use of tools, safety precautions and the history of the dig site, students will search for fossils in the shale. This field trip can be combined with a Fossil A tour.

Geology A

Explore the power of our ever-changing earth’s surface in this exciting discussion of geology. Through a presentation, hands-on activities and interactive discussions, syudents will compare and contrast geological features and discover the cause and effect of natural formations and phenomena.

Geology B

This field trip programme is an extension of Geology A and a chance for students to examine different rocks, minerals and geologic formations and to apply what they have already learned in a field trip setting. Participants will travel to a geologically significant site at Comox Lake where they will be able to explore and analyze rocks as well as observe the processes of sedimentation, erosion and volcanic activity.

The group must provide its own transportation from the museum to and from Comox Lake, either by parent, car pool or bus.

Christmas Traditions

Come and join the Courtenay Museum for a lively, interactive discussion of the history and development of Christmas and winter seasonal traditions from around the world.