Some silly flirtations you might want to try from the 1916 Fun Magic and Mystery book No. 43 published by I. & M. Ottenheimer.

Eye Flirtation

Winking the right – I love you
Winking the left – I hate you
Winking both eyes – Yes
Winking both eyes at once – We are watched
Winking right eye twice – I am engaged
Winking left eye twice – I am married
Dropping the eyelids – May I kiss you?
Raising the eyebrows – Kiss me
Closing left eye slowly – Try and love me?
Closing the right eye slowly – You are beautiful.

Hat Flirtation

Wearing the hat squarely on the head – I love you madly
Tipping it over the right ear – My little brother has the measles
Pulling it over the eyes – You must not recognize me
Wearing it on the back of the head – Ta,ta; awfully, awful
Taking it off and brushing it the wrong way – My heart is busted
Holding it out in the right hand – Lend me a quarter
Leaving it with your uncle – Have been to a church fair
Throwing it to a policeman – I love your sister
Using it as a fan – Come and see my aunt
Carrying a brick in it – Your cruelty is killing me
Kicking it upstairs – Is the old man around?
Kicking it downstairs – Where is your mother?
Kicking it across the street – I am engaged
Hanging it on right elbow – Will call to-night
Hanging on left elbow – Am badly left
Putting it on ground and sitting on it – Farewell forever