It’s All There in Black and White: Gas Masks for Civilians

Some of the text in this article from the Comox District Free Press of November 19, 1942 might be a bit difficult to make out. To clarify the issue, here’s what the Comox Argus had to say: “The ARP has received two tons of gas respirators for the use of the civilian population. The two tons represent 2790 masks. These masks will be sold to the public for $1.25 each and ARP instructors will be available to show the applicants how to wear them.”

Dig into the Free Press scan for a more detailed account.

It’s All There in Black and White: Canada’s First Female Governor General

Pop quiz. What trailblazing woman became Canada’s first female governor general? Two hints: 1) she served from 1984 to 1990, 2) she visited the Comox Valley 30 years ago this month. Not sure? Check out the coverage of her visit that appeared in the October 14th edition of the Comox District Free Press.

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