A reminder that this week is the gift shop sale event especially for members.

From November 13 – 17 museum members will receive an additional 5% discount on their regular 15% discount from non-consignment and non-sale items. The shop has been well stocked in anticipation!

There is a wide array of books for both children and adults, tea towels, oven mitts, shopping bags, scarves, mugs, water bottles, jade jewellery, prints, t-shirts, hoodies and native carvings.

If you are looking for gifts for kids we have a fantastic variety of unusual and very reasonably priced toys. There are fossil and dinosaur excavation kits, t-rex chompers, dinosaur umbrellas, tons of great quality stuffies, dino grows, flash lights and crystal growing kits – just to mention a few.

Make sure you pay the gift shop a visit and take advantage of your museum membership!