Here now is an image and quote from the museum’s award-winning book Watershed Moments – A Pictorial History of Courtenay and District.

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Photo credit: CDM 990.24.107

Photo caption:
Dairy farmer Frank Childs with his family. Left to right: Frank, Mary Jane, Edith and Jane, ca. 1905. Walter Gage photograph. Page 89.

“Jane loved horses, and as a young girl would often be seen riding throughout the valley. She especially loved riding along with her father as they shot deer and quail for the family dinner. She was a “crack shot,” as was her son Robert. Robert was so proficient that the organizers of the local turkey shoots barred him from entering the popular competitions. In the parlour of the Childs’ home were rugs made from the skins of a cougar and a bear, as well as three mounted owls that had attempted to enter the chicken coop.” Page 88.

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