Nothing on the Line

Fishing party, ca. 1920s. Many lines are in the river but no fish were caught according to a note on the back of this photograph. Jennie Childs and Audrey Grieve are the two women in the image. A man identified as Mr. Gould stands slightly apart with his back to the camera.

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August Summer Fossil Tours

As we near the end of August, bookings are nearly full for our public and private fossil tours. For more information and to book your tour, please call (250) 334 – 0686 ext. 2 or send an email to

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New Exhibit: Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature features 11 beautiful textiles from the museum textile collection which reflects a diversity of locations, cultural backgrounds, techniques and designs. Staff chose the artifacts on display in the second-floor changing gallery for their diverse origins from donors and for nature-inspired designs and elements.

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It’s All There in Black and White: 1935 Dominion Day in the Comox Valley

To celebrate this past Canada Day, as we begin to [...]

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